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Lady Nimueh

The Original Fan Community for Nimueh

The Nimueh Fan Community
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The community for fans of BBC Merlin's Nimueh

an island beyond the White Mountains
Welcome to Lady Nimueh, a community dedicated to the character of Nimueh from the 2008 BBC series Merlin. Powerful sorceress and High Priestess of the Old Religion. Feel free to look around, join and share. If you require any help at all just contact one of the mods.

We hope you enjoy the community and look forward to seeing your posts!

what magic demands

1. General. All post must be Nimueh related, no exceptions.
2. Posting. Any and all is welcome. Feel free to post whatever type of work you like and please ensure that it is tagged correctly (See the Tags Post).
3. Membership. You must be a member to post here at the community. Please feel free to join this community.
4. Conduct. Respect fellow members as we will not tolerate nasty behaviour. No bashing, no wank. If you feel someone is being disrespectful, please contact one of the mods.
5. Shipping. All ships are welcome. Any and all are welcome along with Nimueh centric (just her), which are also most welcome. Threesome/Foursomes are allowed but must be tagged as so.
6. Ratings. All fics must be rated and all 18+/NC-17 must be behind a cut. Again, remember to tag the fics properly.
7. LJ-Cuts. Please put any art/lengthy work under a LiveJournal cut. Images can be no bigger than 400x250. Text of no more than 500 words.
8. Posting template. Please adapt and use the fic template (See here).
9. Ask questions. If there's anything you are unsure about just ask. Don't feel like you're wasting mod time because they are here to help.
10. Affiliation. Feel free to affiliate with this community. Leave a note to one of the mods, say which community you are from and we'll add you as soon as possible.

See the rules in more detail here.

the isle
Community Mods: insideminds (Owner) and sophielou21; nyaza (back-up mod)
Community/Profile Header: nyaza
Community Layout: insideminds (Original CSS)
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